8 Women Who Are Putting the Midwest on the Fashion Map

Think the Midwest is behind on the latest trends in fashion?  Think again.  These eight women show their personal style and flair in their Twitters, all while being extremely professional.  If you’re looking for some home-grown fashion inspo, here it is!

  1. Jasmine Diane (@thejasminediane) – Becoming an adult is scary, but Jasmine has you covered.  From interview outfits to budget advice, this KC girl is your new post-grad guru. Her Twitter is the best way to stay up to date on the various projects that she’s involved in.
  2. Arin (@heartofchic) – Arin is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Chicago.  Her Twitter is great because it connects you to the many other brands and bloggers that she works with!
  3. Rocky (@itsarockyworld) – Rocky, a St. Louis native, is the best source when it comes to fashion, humor, and inspiration.  Rocky is using Twitter optimally by retweeting posts she’s mentioned in, increasing her viewership and interactions with fans.
  4. Jenna Roberts (@jennamarieblog) – A developer and fashion blogger living in St. Louis, Jenna Roberts has a classic style and has extra great posts such as recipes and St. Louis site seeing.  She is using Twitter in a great way by connecting her Instagram account, ensuring that her fans will never miss a post!
  5. Kimmie Gotch (@joyfullystyled) – Kimmie does an awesome job of featuring local St. Louis boutiques and doing fashion shoots in well known places, like Forest Park.  Her Twitter is great because she retweets bigger brands, has her other social media accounts linked, and interacts with readers!
  6. Emma Rose Frey (@ChicGurl88) – Emma Rose’s strength in photography makes her fashion blog both interesting and visually appealing.  She utilizes Twitter by connecting to St. Louis sites and places, such as the Arch or Imo’s Pizza, which makes her relatable to readers in the St. Louis region.
  7. Alicia Chantelle (@AliciaChantelle) – Alicia Chantelle is a creative businesswoman with a great sense of style.  Her Twitter collaborates with many different local businesses.
  8. Rachel Brandt (@RachelEBrandt) – Rachel is the Editor of ALIVE Magazine, St. Louis’s local fashion editorial.  Her Twitter is a great source of fashion advice, humor, news, and peaks into the business of the magazine.

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