Bring Your Own Quirk: Personal Branding

One of the most important things in the digital world is personal brand.  It’s who you are, how others see you, and what makes you different.

My personal brand is bringing humor and quirk to every situation I find.  That could be while in school working on my four majors, at theatre rehearsal, or while finding fun outfits to put together.   For this class, I will establish my brand by trying to be different than other fashion blogs by bringing more snark, real-world situations, and by being relatable.  I can then carry this brand to whatever comes next for me, be that grad school or a big girl job.  Someone who I think is currently doing this really well is Rachel Brandt, the editor of ALIVE magazine.  Her Instagram shows beautifully designed moments from her daily life, and her twitter is an eclectic mix of fashion and other things that are piquing her interest at the moment.

Growing up with social media makes this journey a little difficult, though.  I have to make sure that employers can’t see the embarrassing stuff thirteen year old Mary Rose put on the internet for all to see.  That definitely doesn’t go with my personal brand.


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