5 Ways to be Better at Online Writing

There’s a lot of writing to be done in college.  Papers, exams, responses, and more types of writing assignments often fill up a student’s homework load.  But a student who is transitioning to writing for online platforms such as blogs or news sites should be aware that online writing has a different style.  Here are some tips to follow to make your writing better suited for the Internet.


  1. Lists are good, but don’t overdo themBuzzfeed has popularized the “listicle”, and it’s a great style for many topics.  If you’re doing a meaty think piece, however, a list is not advised.
  2. Keep your sentences short and informative. Long sentences can be tiresome for your readers.  The Internet is a very fast-paced place, so you want to make sure that your readers can get their information – and fast.
  3. Optimize your blog for mobile viewing. A mobile-optimized look will increase aesthetic pleasure for your readers, which will make them stick around longer.  If a site is hard to navigate, readers could give up.  Many blog platforms have easy tools for mobile optimization!
  4. Use Search Engine Optimization.  Your headline should have keywords so your audience can find your piece.  For example, if you’re writing about an event on campus, make sure you put “SLU”.  The better keywords you have the higher you will appear on search engines.
  5. Be unique!  There is a lot more space for individuality and creativity in online writing.  Your readers are there to hear your voice – make sure it’s there, while being responsible and ethical.

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