A Fashion Blog for the 2016 Carrie Bradshaw

I spend a gross amount of time thinking about what Carrie Bradshaw would read or write if she was a 20-something in 2016.  When thinking about what I wanted to blog about, she immediately came to mind, and soon enough I was dead-set on doing a fashion blog. But of course, we all need our niche.  Which is why I want to do a fashion blog for quirky college students on a budget. I feel like a lot of fashion blogs nowadays are very sorority, Lily-Pulitzer, preppy styled.  This is where I want to make my blog unique by channeling Carrie Bradshaw – the blog will be a little irreverent, gritty, but still fashionable and glam.  The audience are mostly 20-24 year old girls and Girls watchers alike.  I know that they like to stay down-to-Earth, be humorous, and can’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on clothes.  I can only hope that I will do them justice.

Here are a couple other blogs that inspire me:

  1. Joyfully Style – I love the look of her blog! It is so clean, visual, and easy to read.  I would love to emulate the white background and include as many pictures as she does.
  2. Pretty and Fun – I like the vibe of Pretty and Fun – she’s got fun and quirky fashion and captions while still taking great photos and providing great information.
  3. Helibells – Her style is amazing! This is the risk taking I definitely like to see.  She picks great backdrops, which I am hoping that I can do, too.

Potential blog ideas:

  • 5 Ways to Build Up Courage to Wear Something Unique – I find that a lot of college students are afraid to shy away from their comfort zone.  In this blog post I could provide easy ways to get past that, and try something new in fashion they wouldn’t have worn before!
  • 5 St. Louis Boutiques You Must Check Out – St. Louis actually has some great shopping, so in this post I would mention all my favorite places, from CWE to Clayton.  It would be a very relatable piece for readers at SLU or in the St. Louis area.
  • St. Louis Fashion Week Post – Although my fashion blog will be a mere fetus compared to everyone else, I could go to the STL Fashion week and report on what I see!



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