Writing? For Instagram? Yes, It’s Important.

Instagram is undoubtedly a mostly visual social media.  However, those little captions under the pictures are essential in making a well rounded post and brand.  Here are 5 tips to make sure that your caption brings your next Instagram post all together –


  1. Have a voice – The Instagram caption is a place where you can let your personality shine.  Feel free to add a joke, be snarky, it’s up to you – as long as it follows your personal brand.
  2. Emoji with responsibility – If you use too many emoji’s, you will look like everyone’s Aunt Doris who tries to be “hip with the kids”.  Sprinkle an emoji or two into a post – but do not over do it.
  3. Hashtags are friends! – Again, use them wisely.  If you want a ton of hashtags, put it as another comment so Instagram will hide them.  Hashtags are really a great way to reach out to new followers.
  4. Make your bio as pretty as your pictures – If your bio is just “Mary Rose. 22. STL.”, it doesn’t look that creative.  Instead, try “Mary Rose // 22 years old // STL native” with a well placed emoji!
  5. Short. Shorter than a Tweet. – People are on Instagram to look at pictures.  Your caption should compliment the picture, not be the main event.

Keep these tips in mind and your next picture should get a good amount of likes!



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