Thoughts on Analytics

In class we recently combed through our tweets using the Twitter Analytics tool to see what elements our most successful tweets shared.  Because my class project account, @maryrosehefner, does not have enough tweets yet, I had to use my personal account that I have had through many (embarrassing) years.  What I found can definitely be used not only with the remaining semesters work on my fashion blog, but also with any future social media job I have and professional social media use.

All my top tweets had media attached to them.  Usually, these were pictures that had to do with timely things my audience liked, like Hamilton memes or meeting an SNL cast member.  I think having a picture attached to your tweet makes it stand out and makes people spend more time looking at it, thus making them more likely to interact with it.  Another tweet that got a lot of engagement was one that had to do with #WorldMentalHealthDay.  Using hashtags is a great way to become part of the bigger conversation happening on Twitter, as many of my engagements came from people who previously did not even follow me. I definitely want to engage with other more with @replies and mentions.

However, I think brands and professionals on Twitter need to be thoughtful with these tips.  If every tweet has a picture and a hashtag, you will look like you are pandering to “cool millennials”.  Instead, only use hashtags if they coincide with your personal brand and use pictures sparingly. Things like favoriting other’s tweets and @replies are better for constant use.


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