5 Tips to Help You Not Get Sued for Your Social Media

Did you all know that rules such as copyright laws, libel, and general journalism ethics reach to social media as well?  That means you have to be sure that your tweets, blogs, and other platforms are adhering to the law.  Here are my five tips to make sure that you don’t have to lawyer up after putting your tweet up:

  1. Keep your quotes of others’ works short. Mentioning another blogger is a great tool to use in your blog posts, but don’t copy and paste their entire blog into yours.  Instead, maybe quote a sentence or two.
  2. Make sure you know your fair use.  Fair use is great because it allows bloggers like us to talk about copywriter things, perhaps to review a book or a new fashion line.  Just make sure that you credit the owners of the work!
  3. Use Creative Commons to find images and more. Creative Commons is a great source for images that are copyright free! Use these and you won’t get sued by big corporations for using their work.
  4. However, if you want to be completely safe, taking your own pictures is a good way to go. Just make sure to credit yourself under the picture or at the end of the blog!
  5. Defamation and libel still stands. Knowingly publishing lies about another person is definitely going to land you in hot water, and it’s generally not a great ethical move.

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