A Conversation with Friend and Digital Communication Guru Stephanie Mueller

I decided to have a chat with one of my good friends, Stephanie Mueller.  Stephanie is a SLU Communication grad (“class of 2013 represent!”-Stephanie) and previously worked as the Communication coordinator for the Saint Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office.  Now, she works as a Digital Communication Coordinator for Saint Louis University. She manages the University’s Instagram account and makes videos for them, including the now-famous Pestello at the Zoo video and the Mascot videos.

Talking to Steph, it was certainly interesting to hear about her time so far at SLU. She started in July of this year, and has dealt with quite a few University controversies are already, including campus conversation regarding speakers and BillikenGate.  Stephanie says that through Instagram, she maintains a professional and positive light, choosing to often re-gram photos of campus that students have taken.  In her YouTube videos, Steph takes more of a cheeky turn.  This is due to both the more content-packed and creative side of YouTube, and her collaboration with Dr. Pestello, who as well all know, is a pretty funny dude- I mean President. Please don’t take away my scholarships.  Stephanie develops social media strategies by seeing what has and has not worked in the past, consulting her team, and making sure to keep the brand’s key voice in mind.

When I asked Stephanie for advice, she emphasized the importance of being secure in brand voice, the importance of photography in Instagram (“the hipper the better” – Stephanie), and having a strategy and goals.  She measures success by the numbers of likes she gets, but for YouTube a lot of her measure of success was in the comments.  She essentially helped turn around the Billiken commentary from abusive and bullying to more constructive and positive.

Stephanie Mueller, you are definitely a man and woman for others!!


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